Honeymoon PJs. Made with some French cotton voile from Marché Saint-Pierre, and some blue silk trim. Working with silk bias tape was incredibly fiddly, and I had a really hard time keeping things tidy. To make it, I did use this tutorial which I found very easy compared to tutorials I have followed in the past. I also finally figured out how to use my bias tape maker, so that was also a big help. I french seamed everything but the crotch seam (I just zig-zagged to finish instead), and I only had 3/4″ elastic, so thats what I used for the waistband. I tacked it down via stitch-in-the-ditchat both side seams (instead of sewing in the middle of the waistband all the way around).



I compared these, my second version of the Lakeside PJs, to the first that I made ~2 years ago, and its neat to see how my sewing skills have improved dramatically since then. The first time around, I vastly underestimated the amount of ease in the pattern, so this time I made a 6 in the top, and an 8 in the bottoms. The bottoms are still a tiny bit tight (!!) but they will work.



I have been looking for a robe for awhile, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked. All of the robes I found were either $$$$$, not made in the US, or made from synthetics. I was really frustrated. I happened to be cruising around the internet, and came across Named Clothing. They had the most beautiful kimono-style robe pattern with deep arm slits. For me, the most frustrating part of wearing a robe is dealing with the fussy sleeves, so this seemed perfect!

I thought about making the robe out of charmeuse (inspired by this incredible robe by Poppykettle), but I just didn’t want to deal with the fuss of sewing slippery fabrics since I am still working on the hem for my wedding dress. I settled on this organic cotton voile from Cloud 9, and I must say, I was really nervous at first when the fabric arrived in the mail. Before I attached the sleeves, I tried it on and thought it looked like a hospital gown.

BUT, now that its finished I LOVE IT. The sleeves are wonderful. I french seamed the entire thing (even the sleeves!), and hemmed with thrifted lavender single fold bias tape. The neckband was a bit wonky to finish, but I added some lace tape to finish it off.

I think it will get softer with more washings, but I am really happy with it already!