so i got a new computer. its very little and very fast..  just what i wanted. 

so what is the first thing i do with a new gadet? that is correct– make a case for it. i am going to call this thing a computer sock. much like the ipod socks, this ‘case’ doesnt really protect TOO much, but it will prevent scratches. i used some of the yarn from my aunt: colinette yarns ltd’s skye. its decidedly 90s, but i decided i like it.

i kind of just winged (wung?) the whole thing.. i made a little swatch to see how many stitches i needed to make it wide enough, and just went to town and knitted this thing up. LUCKILY, its perfect.. when i bound it off, the stretch got zapped from the ribbing, but it makes a nice closure to stay around the computer. i suppose its more like a sweater than a sock.. but enough histrionics.

now its back to christmas presents……..

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