halloween report.


salvador dali fashioned a surrealist art object called “Aphrodisiac Phone” or “Lobster Phone.” it looked like this:

he eventually created six of these working telephones. further reading. 

for halloween i wanted to be dali’s art object. i contemplated making the lobster out of paper mache, but i thought that would be fragile, so i decided to sew it. i went to joanns and looked through the fabric remnants and found some red fleece. next, i sketched out the pieces id need to make (two claws, a body, and some little feet):
and i set to work. i didn’t really follow more of a pattern than this. it turned out a little quirky, but i thought that was part of the lobster’s charm. well, that and the button eyes. when i finished, i sewed on a little friend that a coworker gave to me:
perfect. the one difficult obstacle was figuring out how to get this giant stuffed lobster to stay on my head. i sewed velcro on his stomach, and then also onto a black hat. it was wobbly, but it worked. for the cord i very loosely crocheted a black chain that i sewed into the lobster tail and then pinned to my side, and i made a dial by printing and cutting two pieces of paper reinforced with packing tape. here’s an after-wearing picture (it got sorta beat up with use):
as for the rest, i wore a black dress, tights and shoes and voila! lobster phone! final product (with strongbad boyfriend):

happy belated halloween.

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