my first lace shawl!

i did it!!!! i finished my first shawl! its not perfect, but i cannot believe how good it looks. i furiously worked through the last of the edging on saturday, and then i bound off the top using the russian bind off, which is perfectly stretchy (but not TOOOO stretchy). when i finished it, i laid it out on the couch and i was pretty mneh about it– the top of it wasn’t straight, and you couldn’t really see the edging points at all.

so i blocked it! i soaked it in lukewarm water with wool wash for 20 minutes, and then gently squeezed it, and pinned it out. it took A LOT of pins to get every single edging point, but it was so worth it. As I impatiently waited for it to dry, i kept visiting it, which was a little silly. When i finally removed the pins and put it on, i was sooooo giddy! im so happy with it, and i love the color. i definitely feel a sense of accomplishment.

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