FO’s to report.

theres a lot in progress here in the emilyWools craft room. this weekend i made:

1. a lace collar from a thrift store shirt (total cost: $3).

i looked for a peter-pan collar necklace at several stores, but all i found were low-quality, overpriced styles that weren’t quite right. frustrated, i went to goodwill and i happened to find a woven shirt with a lace collar. i cut it off from the shirt and then sewed a ribbon over the cut edge. im not quite sure how much i love it yet, but im excited to try it this weekend with the pictured polka-dot dress.
2. peacock costume tail. i sewed hot glued the felt “feathers” together, and then i also hot-glued them to the tulle. i originally attached the feathers to ribbons and they dangled down by themselves, but they kept falling to the back of the tulle and you couldn’t see them, so i resorted to gluing them to the tulle. i also started out sewing the felt pieces together with metallic gold thread, which looked awesome, but was just way too time intensive for a halloween costume. im happy with how this has turned out!!!

3. im also THISCLOSE to finishing my norby hat. i love love love the yarn for this project. pics when its finished! i am pretty sure ill finish before i leave for my trip, so i have some colorwork mittens lined up, as well as the sleeves to my sweater for travelling knitting. 
(OH! by the way i seamed the front + back of the sweater. i also did the inner collar knitting/tackdown, but im really dissapointed with it. i think i need to use a more sturdy yarn, and do some decreases on the first row. so i will have to redo that, but i want to finish the arms first. im proud of my progress with it, though!!)

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