a Cladonia.

i finished my cladonia! I started it right before Christmas so I would have some “home for christmas knitting.” i finished almost all of the striped portion when i was home, and finished the lace through mid january. since i used heavier yarn than the pattern specified, i adjusted the edging to be just garter stitch and i used the suspended bind off (not tight, but not terribly stretchy. its truly perfect!). i love it and its very warm and big.

pre blocking (with napping Boyfriend):


on a slightly different note, i got some organizers for christmas, the roll-up, zippered kind. i took this as a sign that i needed to organize all my sewing supplies that had been all shoved haphazardly in a big box. it was really bad. as i was going through all my sewing stuff, i came upon my WIPs from years past. i decided to finish a dress that i had cut out but not sewn. i spent the rest of the weekend working on it, but i was pretty disappointed with the finished product. it doesn’t fit right, which is very annoying.

next up: i am finishing my shadow sweater (only have the two arms left!! they are ¾ sleeves! come on!)

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