A few weeks ago, Jacob took some things to the dry cleaner for me and the salesperson commented that “Your wife must really love silk.” Besides the wife comment (not yet!), I felt sort of embarrassed, but I DO love silk. Case in point:

1. A few months ago I attempted to make this Viviane dress, but had a huge fail. the fabric pattern I picked for the yoke just didn’t look right with any other fabric. I ended up going to Joanns and didn’t really think through the peacock green mother-of-the-bride-looking fabric before rushing to purchase it. I started sewing with it and really, really hated it and gave up. So a few weeks back, I gave the pattern another go with some silk I bought in Lyon. I was so excited to make this into a dress, but when I opened the fabric the whole way, I realized it was NOT two yards of fabric like the woman who sold it to me said, it was only ONE. So I very reluctantly made the shirt version of the pattern instead of the dress. I used some REAL Liberty of London for the yoke— I got that teeny, expensive piece of fabric in Sarlat.  Wow it is so luxurious— I think I have enough to make Jacob a bow tie out of the rest.

French seamed! I added some top stitching to the shirt which helps— the silk is so delicate that its hard to hold up to the quilted yoke. I would really like to make this again as the dress and possibly use lace instead of quilting.

imagetopstitching.2. In other Silk News, I just finished a silk Hawthorn. It was my first try with a sleeve placket and I don’t think its terrible, but I can definitely use some more practice. The drape of this fabric is marvelous, it is so smooth and luxurious. Glad I found 5 yards for $10! I lined the skirt with some freebie ocean blue silk. This is not a quick sew, thats for sure, but I took my time with it and I think it paid off. I have been reading couture sewing books, and wanted to try interfacing with silk organza instead of fusible. I love the results! Thanks to Hannah for snapping some pics.

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