i haven’t been posting but I’ve still been making…

I made Stylish Dress Book dress “E” this week, and I am loving it. The size guide advised me to cut the 10 (or even the 12) but I cut the 8, and added 1/2″ seam allowances. I added 2″ to the skirt length after reading how others made this dress, and I didn’t want to end up scheming ways to lengthen later, as I had on a previous Stylish Dress Book dress (WOW that was awhile ago!).

I used a Pickering hemp/wool blend from Spool, and its very toasty. Its the beginning of November and the forecast says 75, so I didn’t wear it to work today. The touches of Liberty are from a remnant I bought in Portland this spring. I had thought it was too dark and muddy to use a lot of, but instead I lined the patch pockets, made the facing, and finished the sleeve hems with it, and I think it looks lovely, and not muddy or dark at all!

I contemplated lining the bodice and/or cutting the back from the Liberty, but ended up not doing it. If I make this again (which I would like to!), and made it sleeveless, I would line the bodice to hide all those pinktucks and back skirt gathering. I french seamed throughout (even the sleeves!) and although the pattern didn’t call for it, I had a MUCH easier time fitting the sleeves when I did some gathering on the shoulder caps (duh?). I hand-sewed a 2″ hem and I am glad I didn’t machine it, it only took about 45 minutes.

My only fit issues so far is the shoulders are sort of tight, making it a little difficult to take off. I love the drapiness of the Pickering hemp/wool, though, and I think it will be a great wintery dress.

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