so this past weekend i made a new bag (ravelry).. i decided to call it ‘galavanting,’ because i want to be able to cruise around town and put everything i need inside a single bag. i think i have accomplished this.. because this bag is enormous. i need to add some sort of closure (a button and loop i think), but i have not found the right one yet. i might trek over to natural stitches sometime this week.. i want to get some circular knitting needles anyway so i can start practicing for my first knitted cowl!

i used almost three skeins (almost 600 yards!) of araucania ulmo (on clearance at natural stitches), worked mostly in double and single crochet, except for the gathering between the handles i used front and back post stitches. the lining is vintage (i think) fabric from my favorite thrift store, and the green bias-tape-like stuff is also from a thrift store. the second and third photo show the bag pre-lining, so thats why it looks so flat.

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