shades of gray..

hello! i have made some progress on the arm warmers:

the recipient wants them to be opposite colors.. which im cool with, its much easier to see gray yarn than black. it also photographs much better. the fingers on the first glove came together much more quickly than i thought they would.. they were kinda tricky though. picking up stitches from existing fingers was difficult, and while i had 3 dpns in each finger hole i was scared that some of them would slip out.  i thought it was going to look horrible because the stitches seemed to have wonky tension, but when i completed it, i think they look fine (for my first try at knitting finger holes, anyway). to bind off the fingers i used what i *think* is a double crochet bind off.. the stitches i ended up making dont look like double crochet, but single crochet. so i guess ill just refer to it as ‘single crochet bind off.’
 i want to be finished with this project!! 

back in the groove.

here’s a sneak peek of a little guy (a cowl, in this case) im working on..

knitting seems to be growing on me quite a bit, which is a nice change from the awkwardness i used to feel when using multiple needles (instead of one crochet hook). i remember first picking up knitting and getting the strange feeling that i was forcing my way into a grid of needles and stitches that had no desire to bend. crochet has always felt like an extension of my hand; the hook feels pliable and able to maneuver into any stitch. i am so happy that im starting to feel that way with knitting. HOORAY! 

spring makings.

hello! its been too long! spring is coming and it does nothing but amazing things for my mood! ive started a new bag. i still need to line it, but i am excited about it, so i wanted to share. i used some of cosymakes handspun and some white peruvian wool. i think the colors go well together, but then again what doesnt go with white. i am surprised at how quickly this came together, i worked on it for a week so far maybe?
i forget sometimes how much i love crocheting. it feels much more natural to me than knitting, but i still like the way knitted fabric looks. crochet just fits with how i enjoy creating.

a rose (of sorts) for emily.

so im starting to run out of window space for plants. i got this bromeliad the other day. i read somewhere that the red flower is actually called a pup, and it will eventually become a new plant! how cool! i also bought a poinsettia and a christmas cactus. so my house is definitely getting some quality oxygen these days.

also, yesterday was handmade arcade. i bought some yarn, and it made me really happy. there were lots of other booths that were extremely inspiring and i got some christmas presents. the armory (where HA has been held the past two years) was pretty packed when i went at noon-ish, but that can be nothing but a good thing for all the vendors! 


so halloween was last night. i went as a wolf(e) in sheep’s clothing. i thought it was pretty cute. i found this fabulous wolf hat at a secondhand store, crocheted some ears, and sewed them onto the top of it. michelle picked up some sheep-y fabric for me to make a dress-like thing. and a tail. and some pockets. since i just sewed it up quickly and left the edges raw, my room seemed like spring at a sheep shearing establishment after i finished, because the fuzzies got EVERYWHERE. the final product was pretty worth it, though.

so where did i go in my ensemble, you may ask? answer: EVALINE. this thing was a giant halloween party that featured a homemade roller coaster. my entrance fee was waived because i happened to talk to the owner of the whole event.. and got the password to get in. he seemed pretty nice, and told me he doesnt really make money, but breaks even every year. hmm… maybe next time dont tell complete strangers how to get infor free? anyway.. this party has been happening every halloween for 17 years, and i had a really awesome time. 

ps still working on the sweater.. and a hat, and some other stuff.


so this past weekend i made a new bag (ravelry).. i decided to call it ‘galavanting,’ because i want to be able to cruise around town and put everything i need inside a single bag. i think i have accomplished this.. because this bag is enormous. i need to add some sort of closure (a button and loop i think), but i have not found the right one yet. i might trek over to natural stitches sometime this week.. i want to get some circular knitting needles anyway so i can start practicing for my first knitted cowl!

i used almost three skeins (almost 600 yards!) of araucania ulmo (on clearance at natural stitches), worked mostly in double and single crochet, except for the gathering between the handles i used front and back post stitches. the lining is vintage (i think) fabric from my favorite thrift store, and the green bias-tape-like stuff is also from a thrift store. the second and third photo show the bag pre-lining, so thats why it looks so flat.