so halloween was last night. i went as a wolf(e) in sheep’s clothing. i thought it was pretty cute. i found this fabulous wolf hat at a secondhand store, crocheted some ears, and sewed them onto the top of it. michelle picked up some sheep-y fabric for me to make a dress-like thing. and a tail. and some pockets. since i just sewed it up quickly and left the edges raw, my room seemed like spring at a sheep shearing establishment after i finished, because the fuzzies got EVERYWHERE. the final product was pretty worth it, though.

so where did i go in my ensemble, you may ask? answer: EVALINE. this thing was a giant halloween party that featured a homemade roller coaster. my entrance fee was waived because i happened to talk to the owner of the whole event.. and got the password to get in. he seemed pretty nice, and told me he doesnt really make money, but breaks even every year. hmm… maybe next time dont tell complete strangers how to get infor free? anyway.. this party has been happening every halloween for 17 years, and i had a really awesome time. 

ps still working on the sweater.. and a hat, and some other stuff.

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