felicity saves the day.

remember felicity the american girl? my sister had her, but i had samantha. i have no idea why i wanted that one, because felicity was highly superior. the patterns and styles of her clothes were beautiful. i even read all the books.. hahahaha.

ANYWAY, i finished my first hat! one of my friends has been using the felicity hat pattern (requires a ravelry account) for quite a few hats now, so i thought it would be a good place to start. Her hats are always fit fabulously (i said fabulously, yes). 
this was my first experience with noro. ive seen ravelry-ins using it for awhile, and i wanted to see why people go so nuts over it. PROS: i really liked the colorway, so creative and different. i usually stray from using self-striping yarns, because i just dont like how the colors blend into one another, but noro’s is so nice. CON: the yarn broke twice (both at crucial moments of the project, which was extremely nerve-racking, but i got through it.)

i used to think that i really liked crochet hats. after this, i am pretty sure i liked knitted ones better.. they use less yarn, less bulky, and stretchier in the right places. sorry, crochet. i loved you for so long, but it seems as if i am moving on to knitting. its not you, its me.

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