the weather incentive.

it seems as if overnight, the weather has decided to be winter. and gray (not grey. those words describe two distinctly separate feelings). this has been an incentive to get my sweater finished so its bold, quirky colors can brighten my day. i’m halfway finished with one sleeve.. almost.. right?

its really exciting to go on ravelry and find so many patterns that i want to accomplish RIGHTNOW. i am thankful i have something very personal that can wisk me away to calm and peace, and is actually productive at the same time.

this week i started a crochet get-together with my friend steph, and i think we are going to make it a regular thing, so thats pretty cool! i feel as though ive been neglecting crochet, and this will be a good way to stick to it.

i hope you all have a delightful saturday!!!!

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