adventures with DPNs..

so i got some DPNs. i decided i would rather use them instead of circulars because, honestly, they seem more rustic and authentic to me. circulars seem like cheating.. i dont know why, thats just how i think. anyway.. these things are rather complicated, but really fun to work with. its so different than crocheting, but i am finding it to be strangely pleasing, except when the needle flies out of 15 live stitches and i panic as i attempt to ease them back in line.

ive been so busy this week that i have barely had time to sit down and really delve into them to figure out how to finesse them to make beautiful, tubular work. i decided to try my hands at a basketweave cowl using some fabulous hand painted alpaca/bfl wool from stashupyarns. so finally this past weekend i got through 15 or so rows, and i am **SO** happy with what i have so far.

we’ll see how it looks when its all finished.

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