suitcase + balloons = art?

on friday i was part of an art exhibition in Lawrenceville. Last weekend I made a dress using a vintage patten and it turned out very large, so for a few days i was perplexed with what to do next. a friend helped me out with an idea of elevating the dress with balloons. i had a very busy week and i did not get a chance to completely think this through before friday.. so after leaving work early i picked up twenty balloons, ran home to get my dress, a suitcase, and some patience, and scooted down to the gallery to set it up before the show started.

for some reason i had the notion that this was going to work on the first try. it didnt. it also did not work the second, third, or fourth time. after i became completely exasperated, i realized the dress was unable to be held up by balloons alone. i called michelle and she came down to the space to help me. i ended up suspending the dress from the ceiling by wire, and then stuffed the dress full of balloons and ‘tied it down’ with a suitcase. considering the entire process of making this piece work, i am very happy with how it turned out.

the opening was a huge success and lots of people showed up. i enjoyed myself, but i dont really have positive aversions to art right now. its pretty frustrating for me because i think that its important for art to have a purpose, which is why i hold pottery and fiber arts in higher esteem than abstract canvasses and conceptual art in general. i understand rothko and hesse but i think that today’s contemporary art movement is too concerned with getting “in” the art scene and not so much with integrity and creative executions of great ideas.

..but dont take my word for it.

(special thanks to michelle for the photogs)

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