DEEP BREATH. ive been working on many things but christmas and busy-ness intervened.

first bad news:
i crocheted some slippers but the pattern was terrible and they turned out too small and awkward.

the rest is good news:
i completed my first colorwork project: the inga hat. i wanted to make it for my mom for her birthday, but i found out she is not fond of hats. halfway through the project  i realized it was going to be too long (many people have suggested skipping 10ish rows because of this). stubbornly, i didnt listen to these wise souls and found myself most of the way through the hat, but before the decreases. as i came to this long-hat realization and decided to convert the project to a cowl.

the only modifications i made: no decreases and repeated the beginning at the top. i forgot to switch to smaller needles for the border.. which made me really mad but mostly came out when i blocked it.
so next up i have two WIPs to mention: thrummed mittens and the aestlight shawl (rav link). both projects have elements ive never worked with before: wool roving and lacework, respectively. i am almost through the first mitt, and im halfway through the birds-eye lace on the shawl. i am looking forward to finishing both! i see spring-y projects on the horizon…

ooh that ‘garter stitch goodness…’

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