first sweater complete.

so the joyous day has come! i finally finished my first sweater (rav link). i started it during a tumultuous time in my life, and i brought it with me and knitted in some situations that carry heavy and difficult memories. it felt like i was knitting these feelings into the sweater, so i put it down for a very long time– over a year. at the beginning of march, i told myself i needed to finish this sweater by the end of the month. i made it JUST in time!
when i started this project, i had never done cables, increases, sleeves, or seaming– i was a complete knitting newb. i have learned so much! ravelry is so helpful.. i dont know how many times i consulted the forums about almost every step in the pattern. im really happy i did the icord bindoff.. it looks really smart and professional, albeit very time-consuming. my main disappointment is the stripes. they didnt line up at all.. but i dont think it looks that bad. i ALMOST ran out of yarn.. see how much extra i had:

ahh, my knitting mind feels so at ease. 🙂

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