long-awaited updates

this past weekend i found a resurgence in my desire to knit. ive been really bummed that i haven’t really wanted to in months. you’d think the winter doldrums would be enough, but naturally its the spring weather and its lack of need for knitted things that pumps me up. im not complaining! i have so much beautiful yarn to use.

i have picked back up my mitered crosses blanket, but 5ish squares in, i realized this is going to be a tiny blanket unless i add more squares than the pattern specifies. i think im just going to use up all the yarn i have for it, and then assess the situation then. i really love the noro colorways, they make such unexpected color turns, and they way the mitered middle cross is constructed, random stripings from the yarn pair up. i love it. im flying to san francisco next week, so this will make for great airplane knitting.

ALSO, i finally finished my thrummed mittens. i let them sit for almost a year (sad!!!) with only the second thumb to knit! im not thrilled with how they turned out, i think they are very fuzzy and bulky, but i suppose that’s the nature of the thrum beast.

ANOTHER ALSO, i’m teaming up with a friend to make a footstool. he made the frame from scrap wood, and im going to weave the top from fabric scraps. i started experimenting this weekend, and i think achieving adequate tension is going to be difficult. i think i may need to use twine for the weft, and then the fabric scraps for the weave.

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