brioche, unravelled.

after some more frogging, i caved and got some circular needles for my brioche hat. im just about ready to start decreasing. i have made one visible mistake so far, but i could not figure out how to go back and fix it… so many yo’s and overlaps and two colors. it was slow going for a few rows but i mostly fixed it. i dont like to post mistakes but oh well… here it is (i think ill try to “fix” it when i have it off the needles, by faking in the blue stitch with a regular needle and yarn):

ive read several people on ravelry have experienced trouble with the decreases. i cast on 62 stitches for the hat to begin with, so now i have an awkward number of stitches to decrease. i think i will split it 15-15-15-17. we’ll see!!

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