When The Virus hit NYC hard last week, I needed an easy, mindless knitting project to help calm my nerves. Zooming around on Ravelry, I spotted a friend’s beautiful blue hat. Ysolda to the rescue! Musselburgh is a very of-the-moment silhouette, with miles of stockinette at a tiny gauge. Hit it!

a hand-knitted pink hat.

I went “shopping” in my stash and found some odds and ends, and started knitting a striped version, but I didn’t like it. A single-color version was much more in line with what I envisioned. The only suitable yarn in my stash was a leftover skein of Manos del Uruguay Fino from my wedding shawl. I wasn’t sure about the color, but got to work! I ended up knitting 17.5″ before decreasing. The last few inches felt like forever, as they do. But a week later, I have a new hat! Not that I needed one, but its really comfy and I think I’ll wear it a lot.

a side view of a hand-knitted pink hat.
“indoor pics only”

MORE TO COME! I’m now on a mission to finish knitting something that’s already in progress.

Bucket Hats!

a woman at the beach wearing a patterned bucket hat.

A few weeks ago I was texting my friend with a very cute newborn baby, and I wondered if she had a summer sun hat. After hearing “not yet,” I immediately started googling for a kid hat pattern. I stumbled across this GREAT free pattern from Oliver + S. I went for the smallest size, and it used barely any fabric.

a blue linen/chambray baby-sized bucket hat
a blue linen/chambray baby-sized bucket hat. Liberty-print lining peeks out.

After I made the first one, I could not get over how cute it was. Just for kicks I measured my tiny head, and could not believe I fit the measurements for the kids Medium. I went into my stash and pulled out some options. I rediscovered this super weird faces quilting cotton I got at the Center For Creative Reuse forever ago. I decided this would be perfect for a test hat. I paired it with a very neutral Essex linen to balance it out. I used smaller seam allowances (1/4″ instead of 1/2″) to add some extra wiggle room. If you had asked me 2 years ago what I thought of bucket hats, I would have told you they are really ugly, but here we are in 2019 and I am loving my hat! Its perfect for keeping the sun off my face and neck.

a group of different patterned and textured materials

I ended up making a 3rd hat for another adorable 1-year old I know… watch out, he’s a heartbreaker already!

a baby poses for a photo wearing a plaid-lined bucket hat.

If you have a normal, adult-sized head, I bet it would be really easy to add some SA to the pattern and make it a bit bigger. I think I am going to make another soon with a wider brim… a one way ticket to floptown!

a woman at the beach wearing sunglasses and a patterned bucket hat.

Baby Things

My friends have welcomed lots of little ones into our world over the past year! I’ve made a few gifts and have accumulated a stockpile of photos, so I think its time to post about these cute projects.

First, the Teddy Bear Sweater. I saw Lizzie knit this awhile ago and I just thought it was so cute that I had to make one, too. The pattern was pretty bare bones, but that little face really makes this feel so special. I sized it up to what I hope is a 3-6 month size, but its really hard to know how big to make things, its sort of just a wild guess.

Teddy Bear Sweater

I also made this pretty big (and pretty cool!) octopus. I remember knitting the tentacles on the train and got some pretty weird looks from strangers. If you ever had “second sock syndrome,” try knitting 8 of these bad boys. Luckily the yarn weight makes them go quickly. I love him, though!!!


Here are some baby socks from Purl Soho, and hats with a pattern I made up. These ended up being sized perfectly for a newborn head!!! What are the odds!?

Rhys: born to be a knitwear model.
Baby hats and booties

And last, but not least, I just sent this set away to California for a baby who hasn’t been born yet! I hope he likes them.

More baby hat and booties

brioche, unravelled.

after some more frogging, i caved and got some circular needles for my brioche hat. im just about ready to start decreasing. i have made one visible mistake so far, but i could not figure out how to go back and fix it… so many yo’s and overlaps and two colors. it was slow going for a few rows but i mostly fixed it. i dont like to post mistakes but oh well… here it is (i think ill try to “fix” it when i have it off the needles, by faking in the blue stitch with a regular needle and yarn):

ive read several people on ravelry have experienced trouble with the decreases. i cast on 62 stitches for the hat to begin with, so now i have an awkward number of stitches to decrease. i think i will split it 15-15-15-17. we’ll see!!

two hats and withholding.

(insert witty Arrested Development reference here.)

hello! i know i havent written in awhile but ive been making lots of things but they are surprises for people so i cant discuss them! two of the hats i made have been gifted already, though, so i can share about them:
first up is a trilobite hat made with cascade 220 .

this was a fun, easy pattern to follow. i had never used a chart before in knitting, and its pretty easy– especially if you have the pattern printed out (right now im working on something and i keep forgetting to print it– annoying to have to stay by the computer to read it). it turned out a little snug, but i sent it to my sister for her birthday and she said she likes it.. i haven’t seen it on her yet to verify.
next up is wurm (pdf). this hat turned out a lot bigger than i wanted. i’ve had the ‘hat too small’ problem several times in the past, so i opted to make the largest size for this. it turned out like a rasta hat, which may or may not be a good thing.
the brim was something i haven’t done before: it is double-thick. it was easy, and definitely worth the extra (slight) effort of doing double the knitting and then matching up the fold-over to keep knitting.

i’ve got two more yarn projects in the works, but they are presents for christmas (HOPEFULLY), so i’ll share them after they have been delivered.