you know she’s beachin’ it.

wow, what a lovely beach vacation. we did so much stuff! and also so much relaxing on the beach. we had mostly great weather, but a couple bad-weather days, but we had a triple-feature-90s-movies day where we watched Point Break, 10 Things I hate about You, and Jurassic Park.

we biked to the cape may/lewes ferry and rode to the dogfish head brewery, which was DELICIOUS. we passed this sign.

we visited the cape may brewery for a tasting and tour. they are very new, but still had 4 beers: a saison, porter, and two IPAs.
my parents and sister came down for the weekend, and we spent some serious time on the beach.
during the drive down, we passed philadelphia and had the marvelous idea to stop and see the barnes collection on the return trip. my friend mike (who was with us) told us about art of the steal, an extremely gripping documentary about the barnes and how the city of philadelphia "stole" it and moved it downtown. although i am not sure i can pick a right side on the matter, i wanted to see this magnificent art collection regardless of its location. in short, it was ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. i went through the rooms and gasped constantly, the breadth of the collection is outstanding. if you are ever in the area, it is so worth a stop. i would like to go back another time, though, it was very draining and i found myself going through the 2nd floor rooms too quickly because i was burned out. 

i was able to get some serious knitting time in this week! now that i see the pictures i took, it doesn’t look like i spent much time on it, but i used a lot of time to decipher the chart instead of reading the written directions (as i had been doing), and the pattern is going much, much faster now– i am almost memorizing it. i had to rip out several rows at first, but im back on track and almost ready to start decreasing for the neck! my goal is to have this finished for our san francisco trip next month (its a lofty goal, we’ll see).

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