baby blanket.

i finished the baby blanket! i used a multi-color cotton batik and a polka-dot flannel. i spent a while in the fabric store trying to find two flannels that looked good together, but as i was unsurely carrying around several bolts i happened upon the batik and thought it was so pretty. i like the pink bias tape for the color pop, too.

the tutorial was easy to follow, but im a little disappointed in my sewing skills… you wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to sew three rectangles into a little quilt, but whoa was i wrong. it took a lot of patience to cut out each piece correctly, and then to sew the bias tape on to the blanket. i can only hope mom-to-be and baby Gemma enjoy it. it took about 3 1 hour sessions to complete, and it cost about $25 to make. i considered making my own bias tape, but i think i will save that undertaking for a future project.

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