A Datura!

i finished my Datura blouse!

it was a little rough to work through the directions, especially for the yoke; but after reading and re-reading (and re-reading), i did it! i found surprisingly few examples / tutorials / sew-a-longs about this pattern, so i felt pretty trailblazer-y while i was making it. i had to completely redo and remake the bias tape for the neck because i had sewing machine issues, but after i BOUGHT A NEW SEWING MACHINE, i whipped it out really quickly. it is shocking how bad the old machine was– it skipped stitches like crazy and the tension was so bad no matter what setting i had it on.

this project employed a LOT of new-to-me techniques.

bias tape / hand-sewn blind hem:

buttonholes (omg the machine is AMAZING for this):

 fully lined yoke:

here are some shots that Jacob took:

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