Tectonic Test Knit

finished objects, knitting

Here’s my first test-knitted sweater (rav link)! Its Tectonic from Emily Greene.

a woman stares off camera, wearing a hand knit gray sweater.

This was a unique challenge for me because I had only written instructions and 1 on-body pic from Emily for reference (which I assume is on par for test knitting). Normally when I knit something, I spend hours looking through Ravelry, investigating knitter’s adjustments and dissecting project photos for details. I felt pretty challenged by the sleeves, but Emily was kind enough to send me some more photos and it helped me figure them out.

This was a fun knit. The reverse-stockinette and garter stitch combo is unique, and how about those statement sleeves!? My favorite part of this sweater design is the neckband–the foldover crochet bind off looks so tidy and professional, I just love it! The yarn I used is Elder from Ritual Dyes, and its so soft that it doesn’t even feel like wool. Its truly a joy to wear.

What can I say besides I love this sweater! One of my best knits ever, for sure.

back view of a woman wearing a sweater she knit.
closeup view of a woman wearing a gray sweater she knit.

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