my out of darkness shawl is blocking!!!!



I haven’t posted in months! I am working away at the fit for my wedding dress. I have sewn three muslins so far, and its still not quite there. I found my fabric, it is being special order-ed and I am OH-SO-excited about it: silk charmeuse and silk chiffon, what luxuries. I have plans for my grandmother’s veil, it is not in the best shape so I took it to see if I could get new tulle. I want to keep the dress and veil a secret, but here’s some other stuff i made to distract you!

New floors, my friend.

We got our floors redone last week. We took it as an opportunity to clean house (literally!) and do some slight re-arranging and stuff-purging. It feels great and fresh. I have never lived somewhere for more than 1 year since I left my parent’s house for college ten years ago, so its weird to have been in one place for 3.5 years. I’ve also been cleaning up in my sewing room but I’ll save pics for when it’s complete.

Pretty new old floors
With furniture.
a little knitting nubbin.

30 Days Hath September.

I am plowing through these endpaper mitts so I can get back to my sweater (rav link), and THEN dig into planning my wedding dress and shawl/sweater/something to layer (knitted, obviously). 

almost finished!
This morning I did that thing where I pulled out all my winter clothes since its just a teeny bit chilly, and I dove straight for my Caramel Latte sweater that I finished in March. Feels so great that my go-to is something I made!

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